Why Use An Independent Inspector

Here are just a few reasons to consider using us for your Annual Shareholder Meetings – and for Special Meetings as well:

First, as you will see from the bios that follow, our Inspectors really know what they are doing. In fact, at many meetings they go to, they have been to many more meetings, and know more about Shareholder Meetings than anyone else in the room… which is nice insurance to have.

All of our Inspectors follow rigorous written Guidelines for Inspectors – some 20-odd pages of them, in fact. But at the same time, good Inspectors need to be able to “think on their feet” – since ‘unusual situations’ arise with surprising frequency at Shareholder Meetings these days.

We – and you – also benefit from our long experience as a Team – since every year we encounter situations that are not covered by our Guidelines…or where the right course of action may not come immediately to mind.

Very important to know, our Inspectors actually “inspect stuff” – And not just the few items that may be handed in at the meeting site. (See our article. “What, Exactly, Should Inspectors of Election Be Inspecting” at www.optimizeronline.com for details.)

Each of our Inspectors carries a little ‘prepared speech’ in his or her mind, to briefly explain, if called upon, exactly what we do to inspect – and what, exactly, gives us confidence as to the numbers we report and certify in our Final Report on the Voting. We also have special procedures in place for situations where any of the votes are especially “close” - where, increasingly, shareholders are asking questions.

Another nice thing about our Team, our Inspectors are located all around the country, which can often help to reduce travel and travel-related expenses. But we hasten to add that most companies (and most Chairmen too) like to see the same Inspector(s) come back year after year – regardless of where the Meeting may be held.

Please take a few minutes to peruse the bios – and the wonderfully strong qualifications of our Inspectors. Many of you will likely find one or more long-term acquaintances and colleagues there.

And please remember too, that a very high percentage of Annual Shareholder Meetings take place on the same six or eight business

days…So if you want to reserve a particular Inspector, the sooner the better, we advise.

To review “Some Questions and Answers on ‘The Basics’” of what Inspectors do, or should do, go to www.optimizeronline.com